Be open to new. It makes you grow.

What we do


We believe in experience, education, tolerance, friendship, the beauty of help, kindness, love, and nature. Based on these values we organize activities that contribute to creating the world as a pleasant place for living.


Genesis is a nonprofit organization that aims at young people of different background and various opportunities. Genesis gives the opportunity to everyone and helps with improving skills, exploring the world and sharing joy.


By taking part in our activities, the trainees improve their competencies (such as leadership, team building, communication skills, etc.) which will be useful for their future careers. They will also perceive nature from a different perspective and experience basic values of human being's life from a new view.

About us

Who we are

We are Non-governmental organisation  with long tradition and simple philosophy. TO KNOW IS TO GROW. We provide individual and group training. If you are building a career that requires you to be good in soft skills, you are our person and we are your nonprofit.

What we believe in

We at Genesis support all efforts to learn, because the more we know, the better off we all become. Our goal is to help individuals and companies to recieve training that is not only great but also socialy responsible. We believe that innovation in education helps employees, employers and society as a whole to sustainably grow and develop.

How we do it

With us Genesis, you always have access to all our know-how and all the innovations we can offer. We will always find the most appropriate way and tools for your growth. We are able to aggregate different sources of funding and tailor them according to your needs.

Big Idea

We believe that thanks to our knowledge, society can grow. In our view, society is not just a business unit. It is a society of people who work together to build something that exceeds them. We support this endeavor and bring a new perspective on how to do it.

What matters to us

We care that in your endeavors you discover a reliable partner in us who knows that success is not only a simple sum of economic indicators. Being able to guide you along the path of sustainable growth and inclusivity is a motivation for us.

Our values

Sustainable Development

We help everyone to develop their potential and thus contribute to the overall development of society because Being open to new makes you grow.

Our work is to work on us

We are still learning. Not because we have to, but because education is a lifelong process. We work with people who want to move on in their lives, thereby motivating their surroundings. Including us.

Adaptation / Innovation

We perceive education as a living organism, which must be able to adapt and respond to the current situation. At the same time, we must always be one step ahead of development. Therefore, we are constantly thinking about how to adapt our methods to best suit the needs of our trainees.


Our goal is not to let the trainee sit a class for an hour, we rather have our trainees look forward to our training and feel that what they learn is also useful in practice. That's why we work only with reliable and trusted trainers.

Because I want effective training.

Genesis has the expertise, resources, and above all experience for how to do it right.

Our team

Aneta Bednarova

Managing Director

Mateo Tolic

Project Manager

Michaela Musilova

Project Manager

Lukas Zajicek

Strategic Project Manager

Ilona Medova

Project Assistant

Ondrej Slaby

Project Assistant

Klara Sabakova

Blog Writer